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Give your basement or any room in the house a new look and enjoy the many benefits of glass block windows such as privacy, energy savings, security, and natural light.

Whether you are remodeling rooms in your house, upgrading windows, building a new home or adding on an addition to your home, remember to add glass block windows to your plans.

We provide fast, friendly and professional installation services, lifetime warranty on glass block windows, free estimates and are fully insured. We do all the work ourselves, no middle-man or third party to deal with.


Advantages of Glass Block Windows:

Privacy   •   Security   •   Draft Free   •   Tax Exempt   •   Energy effecient   •   Maintenance free   •   Natural Light   •   Insulated and removable vents   •   Helps insulate basements  •   Air & Water tight   •   Help reduce heating costs   •   More light than regular windows